It’s “student-ly” stupid.

Let’s be clear. What I don’t stand about going to College are those spoiled brats who think they’re superior to everyone else just because of their education, wealth and high marks. They reveal a kind of aura that knocks me back: Just because of these “achievements”, they truly believe that they do deserve everything they have, and everything they want.

What really drives me nuts is that feeling of being constantly looked down, like I am actually being treated like an idiot because there are no common hobbies nor interests between us. What do they expect? Of course people who aren’t as “smart” as they are will have their own things to do instead of being a nuisance while bragging about their intelligence and superior IQ.

Is it so hard to be a little bit humbler? I don’t know.

There isn’t any guilt by having born smarter than everyone who surrounds them, but, why do they want to look better in front of people? Why do they have to put down people who want to know them? Or better said, to “save them from going down that tormented path”?

What this proves me is that they’re in need. This attitude will only give them pain over time. But it might not be something I should take care of since I hate dealing with people who are a personified exhibition of narcissism that constantly need to fuel their ego with people’s recognition and praising in order to evade what they fear the most: being forgotten.

A spoiled kid will always need attention since praises are the only thing they are used to hear from others mouths.

As for me, I might be sillier and more stupid than they are. And I recognise that these people are really intelligent. However, despite them possessing an unrivalized ability to learn and memorize books and lessons, everything they know are just that, books.

There is always something to be learned, and books don’t cover everything you have to learn in life. You may find learning opportunities in people, in places, in events, and what’s more important, in yourself. Don’t be a D-bag. When you are really good at something, you don’t have to do anything. The world will tell you.