Missing old friends

Three things that haven’t changed these last years are sleeping, working and studying. From when sunlight penetrates into my room, my duties are to wake up, have breakfast (if any), go to class and right after, go to work. With these 4 routine tasks, you have consumed more than a day’s half time. The rest of it is used to go and help parents with their business, going home to study, having dinner, a quick shower and going to bed to sleep (again, if any). You, what people call “time”, let me ask you: ‘why do you have to be so brief?’

I remember that when I was a kid, I had a lot of time to play football, seek and hide or videogames together with friends. At that time, those were my only road to entertainment since parents and relatives were working all day. When we -kids- start to grow up and mature, when school requirements are higher, parents do remind us: “First study and do your homework, and then, you can hang out with your friends. Studies are the most important thing right now”. Thus, the chances to say “Hi” to your friends become less and less often.

I can’t stop thinking that, when we are born, we become a leaf hanging on a enormous big tree. Every leaf from that tree represents the people we will meet, get to know and get to love in our entire lifetime: The nearerst leaves that grow around us are our family, our relatives and friends. Then, the people we detest the most will grow on the opposite side of the tree, far from us.

However, as autumn arrives, we start to wither and fall. And just as the wind blows, we start to spread, and every leaf will land on a different place. Sometimes the street sweeper will gather you with your beloved ones, but there are also times that he will sweep you near the ones you fear and hate the most. But, as the wind doesn’t stop to blow: where is everyone going to end up?

Then you start to wonder: how far from you are your best friends right now?

As people start their studies in college, wind will place each of us in a totally unidentical place, diminishing the opportunities to meet to almost zero. And then, we will realize, that as same as “time” does, they will keep flying and never come back.

And you? My dear “time”? what if you were in our stance? Will you miss the people whom you have blown away? Sigh… Dear “time”, apart from the wrinkles you leave on our skins, there are only hard to forget memories left to recall.

That was 2011.

It brings me back to myMe gusta, pero a la vez lo odio post back from 2010.